AR Resonance Mouthpieces

AR Resonance mouthpieces are meticulously made in Italy by Antonio Rapacciuolo. The design improves the way your instrument responds by focusing on the backbores. The two-piece system (top and backbore) offers a wide variety, making it easy to switch parameters to suit your musical needs. The goal is to make your equipment easy and consistent to play on so that you can focus on the important part: making music. You will experience quicker response, improved harmonics, and richer overtones. With AR Resonance you can finally find what you have been looking for! 

All cups have the same rim type. Apart from width, you adjust the backbore size and the cup depth of the mouthpiece. 

Materials for mouthpiece tops: 

Brass  - Bronze - Buffalo Horn - Stainless Steel - Titanium - Damasteel 

Backbores can be ordered in brass, bronze or nickel.



26mm, 25.7mm, 25.4mm, 25.1mm, 24.8mm, 24.5mm

Cup Sizes:

Standard: good for most playing scenarios 

V+ deeper cup


S - tighter backbore for more resistance and punchier sound

M - good for most playing scenarios

L - less resistance, larger sound

Throat size is 6.0mm. If a more open feel is needed, a throat size of 6.5mm can be ordered.



S (24.8mm), MS (25.2mm), M (25.6mm), ML (26mm), L (26.4mm), VL (26.8mm), XL (27.2mm)


GR0 72: tightest, good for soloists or for hard pieces for first trombones 

GR1 72: for experienced first trombones 

GR2 72: for second trombones or players looking for a fuller sound in the low register 

GR3 72: for third trombones or players doubling on bass trombone

Throat size is 7.2mm.



BS (27.6mm), BM (28mm), BL (28.4mm), BVL (28.8mm) 


GR0 80: for players who need to play in the high register from time to time 

GR1 80: the all rounder 

GR2 80: full deep sound 

GR3 80: for the biggest sound on the low notes

Throat size is 8.0mm.

Interested in TRUMPET, EUPHONIUM, or TUBA mouthpieces? I have a bunch in stock so shoot me a message!

Rim sizes for trumpet ranges from VL (very large) to XS (extra small). Each rim size can be paired with a cup depth ranging from A to lead. Backbore is 4.0mm. 


I have different parts in stock at different times so just send me a message and let me know what you're looking for. 

I offer a 3 day trial after full payment has been received.  

AR Resonance also offers mouthpiece scanning ($55) and custom engraving (starting at $55). 



 Complete mouthpiece brass silver plated - $255

Complete mouthpiece brass gold plated - $330

Low Brass Tops: 

Silver Plated Brass - $145

Gold Plated Brass - $200

Silver Plated Bronze - $200

Gold Plated Bronze - $250

Stainless Steel - $220

Titanium - $275

Buffalo Horn - $130

Damasteel - $440


Low Brass Backbores: 

Brass Silver Plated - $110 

Brass Gold Plated - $130

Bronze or Nickel, Silver Plated - $130

Bronze or Nickel, Gold Plated - $155



 Complete mouthpiece brass silver plated - $220

Complete mouthpiece brass gold plated - $275

Trumpet Tops:  

Silver Plated Brass - $110  

Gold Plated Brass - $145  

Stainless Steel - $165  

Silver Plated Bronze - $165

Gold Plated Bronze - $200

Buffalo Horn - $100

Titanium - $220

Damasteel - $330


Trumpet Backbores:  

Brass Silver Plated - $110  

Brass Gold Plated - $130

Bronze or Nickel Silver Plated - $130

Bronze or Nickel Gold Plated - $155



CONUS USPS Priority Box with tracking - $10